Established Worldwide

As one of the most well-established franchises in the world, with more than 24,700 Centres, Kumon serves more than 4 million children across 50 countries and regions. Right at this moment, someone, somewhere around the world is learning with Kumon.

We are actively seeking passionate individuals to join our local operations.

Proven Franchise Business Model

As a franchisee, you get to run your own business using a proven business model developed over the past 50 years. Coupled with decades of experience, the Kumon materials provided are constantly improved to enhance the learning and growth of students.

We Support your Passion

Run a profitable franchise with our help. As a franchisee, you will receive extensive training and support so that you can help students of all ages discover and achieve their potential.

  • Training

    • Comprehensive training
    • Seminars for enhancing your business
    • Learning from successful franchises
  • Professional Support

    • Set-up your business with a proven franchise business model
    • Receive support from dedicated staff
    • Benefit from Kumon’s frequently updated materials
  • Make an Impact

    • Become a Kumon Instructor in your community
    • Help to discover the full potential of your students
    • Shape the leaders of tomorrow

Your career is about to change, one child at a time.

As a franchisee, you also become a Kumon Instructor so you can contribute to the success of your students. Our Kumon Instructors are highly involved in shaping the learning journey of our students, helping them to discover their true learning potential.

Besides being passionate about the education of your students, you should also meet the following criteria:

  • Tertiary educated
  • Experience working with children

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Selection Process

  • Thoroughly read the information contained in this page
  • Register to receive information on starting a Kumon Franchise
  • Local office will contact you with more information and send an invitation to attend a Franchise Orientation

Prior to attending the Kumon Franchise Orientation, we will invite you to complete the application form, and sit for proficiency tests. You will be required to fill up an application form and may be asked to submit some documents. Details will be communicated to you by the local office.

During our Kumon Franchise Orientation, we will thoroughly explain Kumon’s vision, mission, values, the role of a Franchise Instructor, and the infrastructure that underpins the successful operations of a Kumon Centre.

Successful candidates will be contacted to participate in the interview process. The interviews will allow us to determine your suitability as a Kumon Franchise Instructor, and it will also allow you to clarify any further questions. Depending on local operating procedures, you may be required to attend more than one interview. Some local regulations may also require you to undergo mandatory screening checks.

Candidates who meet all criteria up to this stage will be asked to undertake mandatory screening checks to determine their suitability to work with children, as required by local regulations.

If your application is successful, you will attend the New Instructor Training to confirm suitability.

Once you have successfully completed the training, we will invite you to sign a Franchise Agreement. You will then be ready to open your own Kumon Centre.

Each test covers a range of basic arithmetic and reading comprehension exercises in English and/or native language.

Typically, training takes place at the local offices. Candidates looking to open a Kumon Centre must attend training with the company. Candidates will also need to make arrangements to attend initial training that will typically run over a five-week period. Continuous follow-up training is provided after the commencement of your Centre, to ensure the content is relevant to your operating needs.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Instruction principles and learning materials
  • The Kumon Method, curriculum, and learning materials
  • Student assessment and enrolment
  • The effective implementation of study programmes
  • Communication with parents and students
  • Centre management strategies
  • Centre administration, policies, and procedures

The opening of new Centres is directly linked to the realisation of Kumon’s vision. We aim to give as many students as possible the opportunity to learn using our materials, and thus, contribute to the global community.


“I currently have a student who started doing maths at four years old without even knowing how to write or count beyond 10. Within two years, he began studying material that is typically five years beyond his age. For me it is wonderful how Kumon can cater to the needs of each child.”

Instructor Anna, from Singapore

“My students have a good time doing the worksheets even though it is tough. That made me realise the importance of giving the child the opportunity to self-learn. When they can take ownership of their own work, that is when Kumon will be the most effective.”

Instructor Parul Sinha, from India

“Seeing my first Kumon Maths Completer persist through the challenging final levels by herself made me realise how wonderful the self-learning aspect of Kumon really is. She is now a specialist doctor working in hospitals around Australia, and she has also inspired me to be a better instructor.”

Instructor Suzie, from Australia